A Changing Industry

The music industry in 2018 is absolutely insane for independent artists. On one hand, we don’t have to worry about hiring a PR firm because we have social media. But on the other hand, you have to actually be good at social media for it to even make a difference. Because of the digital boom, there are more and more people trying their hand at songwriting, which also has its pros and cons. More content means more congestion. More congestion turns into white noise for the listener, booker, and record label. The music industry, from an indie perspective, is essentially turning into the Wild West of rock and roll.

I say that to say this: If you find an artist you like, support them. Go to their shows. Buy their records. Buy their shirts. Be their voice. They need you. We need you. A good place to start? Check out a fella named Tyler Childers. He’s one of my favorites in the business right now, and you can find him anywhere records are sold. His new record is called “Purgatory” and it’s incredible.

I’ll be posting blogs on here quite a bit, so I hope you go through this journey with me. It’ll basically be like a journal for me. If I say anything on here that strikes a chord, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below. Y’all are the best.