It's Finally Happening

Well, it’s finally happening. Yesterday I launched a crowdfunding pre-order campaign through Kickstarter for my new Ep, “Justin Kaleb Driggers and the Ozark Renegades”. This record has been a long time coming, over 2 years actually. My family and I have endured many highs and lows throughout these past 2 years. We moved to another state, remodeled an abandoned house that we eventually made into our home, and I would squeeze in as many shows and studio dates as I could in between the chaos. The best part about all of this is the end result was a record that we’re mighty proud of. Front to back, I put everything I had into this record, and for that I have no regrets.

I recorded this record with Darren King over at Rat King Studios. Darren is not only a brilliant producer and engineer, but he’s also one of my oldest, dearest friends. He’s one of only a few people on planet earth that can channel into my warped mind and pull something great out of it. He truly is a great American treasure, and I believe you’ll hear much more from him in the years to come.

When I was deciding on what kind of perks I wanted to offer for pre-order, it really just came down to what I would want to buy if I were pre-ordering something. I didn’t want to offer an overwhelming amount of perks, I’d rather only offer a few really cool perks and make them as awesome as possible, and I believe we accomplished just that! We have a $6,000 campaign goal, and we already received over $1,000 on day 1. As awesome is that is, there’s still a long way to go. If you’ve already pre-ordered, thank you so very much! If you’re on the fence, it would mean the world to me if you’d make the leap. Kickstarter is all or nothing, and every little bit counts. Love y’all.