Be Nice To Mrs. Shirley

What a whirlwind these past few months have been! It’s been a little wild to wrap my head around the fact that the new record is officially out. I’ve already started working on the next one, and we’ve got a couple of singles we’re working on to fill in some space until the next record comes out. The shows have gone well for the most part since the record’s release, but the grind is real. 


I have a few strengths, but many weaknesses. The trick is to get real good at your strengths, and hopefully those weaknesses will improve over time. I heard a good quote the other day that said “The longer it takes, the more time you get to figure it out”. What an applicable quote. You can use those words for just about anything. My initial reaction was to apply that quote to my music, but that slowly turned into applying it to other areas of my life. To be patient, to speak slow, and to listen well. I’ve always envied the folks who were good at those things.


I’ve also been marinating on how social media is about the equivalent to someone’s response after they’ve stubbed their toe. Hear me out; If you smash your toe on the corner of the couch you instantly get real mad. It feels like your toes fixing to fall off, then the expletives fly. Now if someone had a camera on you at that very moment, and only at that moment, they might think you have anger problems. But once the throbbing wears off a couple of seconds later, you’re good to go. If the camera man had only waited a few seconds to hit the record button, you might come off as a fairly reasonable person. That’s why I think it’s important to rest on things for a little while before you go to tweetin’ about it. Social media is full of knee-jerk reactions and not much else. If we waited to go to tweet town until after the throbbing has worn down, we might get a little more accomplished. That celebrity said something ridiculous? Yea, so have you. You should be grateful that millions of people aren’t waiting in the shadows with pitchforks ready to burn you at the stake for that thing you said to Mrs. Shirley at the Waffle House last week after you drank too many PBR’s. 


I hope to see y’all at some shows down the road. Your support means more to me than words could express, so at least come by and let me shake your hand if you’ll be so kind. Thank y’all for paying attention to what’s happening in my camp. Love y’all.